13 Suprise Benifits of Weight Training by TJ Hoban

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1. Muscle Fights Fat

Want to be able to have that extra piece of pizza without feeling guilty? Lift weights. In an animal study published in the Feb. 6, 2008 issue of Cell Metabolism, Boston University researchers demonstrated that type II muscle fibers, the kind you build when you lift weights, improve whole-body metabolism. The researchers genetically engineered mice with a type II muscle growth-regulating gene that could be turned on and off. After eight weeks on a high-fat, high-sugar diet, they activated the gene, but did not change the mice’s diet. Without any change in activity level, the mice lost total body fat. The researchers concluded that an increase in type II muscle fibers can reduce body fat without changes to diet and might be effective in the fight against obesity.

2. Reduce Depression Symptoms

When it comes to the effects of exercise on depression, aerobic exercise, such as running and swimming, has been much more extensively researched than anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting. But as one study reports, there’s little difference between the two in terms of how well they relieve symptoms of depression. Continue reading


Push Further by TJ Hoban

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Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go.


Carrrrdio, Lets Gooooo??? by TJ Hoban

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Carrrrrrdio. Lets goooooo??? I get a lot of questions about how much or the types of cardio I do. Let me start by saying my goal is to be in peak shape for life and I’m aiming to live to 100. So train for optimal results with minimal wear and tear. The truth is, I don’t regularly run as it puts a lot of impact on the skeletal system and over time can lead to serious joint and cartilage degeneration. I get most of my cardio from fast paced resistance training, with minimal rest and elevated heart rate. I lift heavy enough to breakdown the muscle, but not so much that it causes permenant damage. If I do need to put in some extra miles, I’ll walk on the tread at 4.4 mph & 14% incline while throwing punch combinations. Very low impact and will def get your heart cranking. Most people immediately go to cardio when they’re trying to shed lbs. Truth is, running doesn’t compare to weight training when it comes to transforming bodies. So think twice before you spin yourself into oblivion, because resistence training can actually get you there faster.

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No Secret to Success by TJ. Hoban

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If you want success the solution is simple. Invest in yourself first, expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything.  #gogetit #tjhoban #fitness #motivation

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Natural Prozac by TJ Hoban


I started training at the age of 12 to overcome adversity. It soon became my release, my ground zero. No matter what adversity life threw at me, I knew I would always feel better and think about things in a positive light after an exhausting workout. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was because I felt more empowered or that I was so drained I didn’t have the energy to worry anymore. Either way, working out became my therapy and I have used it ever since to cope, reset, and focus on changing my life for the better. So if you’re ever feeling in a funk, try channeling that passion into a workout. Call it self empowerment or a good old fashion endorphin rush. Either way, it beats the hell out of laying around feeling sorry for yourself.

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From Mediocrity to Greatness by T.J. Hoban

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The difference between “hope” and “will” may seem slight, but I assure you it separates mediocrity from greatness. Their relationship is like that of slave and master. Hope is a feeling that one may attain whats desired. “I hope I succeed. I hope I don’t fail. I hope…” Will is a self-assertive creative drive in all individuals that leads us to accomplish something. “I will succeed. I will not fail. I will…” Hope relinquishes power to an outside force. Will becomes the force. This may seem like rhetoric, but the shift from hoping to willing will change your life. We’ve all heard of The Secret. Although you may not be able to will a bus from running you over, the more you assume responsibly for your success through the power of positive thinking and action, the greater your life will become. We all have an innate subconscious tendency to be drawn toward our thoughts. When you change your thoughts from, I hope to I will, something very subtle yet magnificently powerful occurs. We begin to attain, achieve, and succeed in ways we had only hoped. I’ve personally used this to better my life. And not just my career, but also my health. Eg: Whenever I’d fly home for the holidays and half the plane were sneezing, I’d say to myself “I hope I don’t get sick.” And without fail, I always would. Than 14 years ago I decided to tell myself “I will not get sick!” And I visualized my body destroying whatever virus or bacteria I just inhaled. Sounds hokey, but it worked. I haven’t been sick since. The mind is a powerful weapon that can either make or destroy you. It’s your responsibility to understand it and use it to achieve the life your desire. You may think there are somethings you absolutely can not change. But you can change your thoughts and feelings about those things to make your life better. In short, don’t be a slave to hope. Be the master of will and you will… TJ Hoban © ‪#‎tjhoban‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎fitspo‬ ‪#‎motivationalquotes‬ ‪#‎inspirationalqoutes‬ ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎think‬ ‪#‎positive‬

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Body Symmetry by T.J. Hoban

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Hey friends.  Pick up the August issue of Muscle and Fitness w/ Hugh Jackman on the cover, now on stands for my article on Body Symmetry.  It reveals the importance of resetting and strengthening muscular imbalances to avoid injury.  If you have knee, back or joint pain, you may have imbalances causing some muscles to over compensate adding unnatural pressure on your skeletal system.

Eat, train, love.