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health, bodybuilding, fitness model, get 6 pack abs, loose weight, Motivation, muscle, nutrition, p90x, personal trainer, supplements, T.J.Hoban, TJHoban, top fitness model, top trainer, weight loss, workout, celebrity trainer, build muscle, loose weightPeople often ask me when or why I got into fitness. Some of you may have heard parts of this story before, but these are the events that have helped shaped me into who I am today so here goes.  When I was a kid I was a runt with coke bottle glasses, braces, and a bowl hair cut.   I’m the one on the far right of the photo, if you didn’t guess.  On picture day in grammar school, they would line us up shortest to tallest and I was always at the front of the line.  I couldn’t even talk to a girl let alone get a date. Actually, I did have a date for homecoming in high school.  I was so excited I bought a new outfit, a corsage, and rented a limo, only to have my date call me the night of to tell me she’s going with my best friend instead. I was so upset, tired of being overlooked and being a runt, that I asked my mom for a weight set that year for my birthday and started training rigorously ever since. I turned my garage into a gym, joined wrestling, and trained like I was Rocky fighting for my life. Training became my release, my ground zero. No matter what adversity life threw at me, I knew I would always feel better and think about things in a positive light after an exhausting workout. I wasn’t sure if it was because I felt more empowered or that I was so drained I didn’t have the energy to worry anymore. Either way, working out became my therapy and I have used it ever since to cope, reset, and focus on changing my life for the better.  By college, things finally changed for me.  The glasses and braces we’re gone and I morphed my body into the framework of what you see today.  I was attending University of Arizona at the time and visited San Diego for spring break, where I was literally stopped by a photographer while walking the beach. That led to my first photo shoot with International Male Magazine, and kicked my modeling career. Since than, I’ve shot close to 100 fitness magazine covers, with countless endorsements and other campaigns.  I use cover shoots as a primary source of goal setting. They are like my trophies that keep me striving to stay in peak shape year round. One day, when I’m an old man, I’ll hang them on my wall for my grand kids to see and share with them a story about overcoming adversity and the power to change.

I was fortunate to realize at a young age you don’t have to accept the hand that’s dealt you.  We have the power to change most everything in our lives that make us unhappy.  I’ve used fitness to drive me to success in all facets of my life.  There’s a reason they say, “strong body, strong mind”.  When I’m feeling good and looking good, I believe there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.  I’ve dedicated much of my life to fitness and have a wealth of information to share.  There’s so much stuff out there and a lot of it simply doesn’t work.  I guess that’s why my friends always ask me for the inside scoop on training methods, supplements, equipment, diets and nutrition, anti-aging, motivation, products, etc.  It always excites me to help my friends because I want them to feel as good as I do on a daily basis.  I want them to be healthy, empowered, and truly blessed.  Imagine a world where everyone felt that amazing and alive every day.  This blog is dedicated to my loved ones, friends, and soon to be friends who wish to achieve personal greatness through fitness.  And if you simply want to lose some weight, build muscle, or get my secrets to ripped abs, we’ll you’ll achieve that too.  Here’s to a new you.  Much love and success!


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“Life if everything we desire and all that we make of it. ©TJH


11 comments on “About TJ

  1. i have 2 questions, one is how do u suggest i become a personal trainer and also if you could post a good routine to use with babies/ strollers for recovering moms

  2. I loved the bio dude. I was a very awkward kid growing up that had a lot of self esteem issues. Thankfully, I got into wrestling and it helped me get into shape, boost my confidence, and find an outlet in life. I have gone off the trail for a couple of years, but since I started blogging I have really been motivated to get back in shape and be productive with my life. We don’t have to accept the hand we are dealt, and instead go after what we want. I just want to say your story is very inspirational. I hope to be as successful as you one day and make a positive difference in the world and other people’s lives.

  3. Proof positive that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. It is both a blessing & a calling to help others in their quest to live transformed lives. It is also a responsibility–obviously which you take seriously. Much success on your journey!

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