Carrrrdio, Lets Gooooo??? by TJ Hoban

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Carrrrrrdio. Lets goooooo??? I get a lot of questions about how much or the types of cardio I do. Let me start by saying my goal is to be in peak shape for life and I’m aiming to live to 100. So train for optimal results with minimal wear and tear. The truth is, I don’t regularly run as it puts a lot of impact on the skeletal system and over time can lead to serious joint and cartilage degeneration. I get most of my cardio from fast paced resistance training, with minimal rest and elevated heart rate. I lift heavy enough to breakdown the muscle, but not so much that it causes permenant damage. If I do need to put in some extra miles, I’ll walk on the tread at 4.4 mph & 14% incline while throwing punch combinations. Very low impact and will def get your heart cranking. Most people immediately go to cardio when they’re trying to shed lbs. Truth is, running doesn’t compare to weight training when it comes to transforming bodies. So think twice before you spin yourself into oblivion, because resistence training can actually get you there faster.

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One comment on “Carrrrdio, Lets Gooooo??? by TJ Hoban

  1. So true! HITT is where it’s at!! I use a HRM and I keep a steady heart rate of about 175 with interval training. I wish I knew the myth about cardio as the only way to shed pounds, years ago when I started working out all I did was cardio. Now I only do about 15 minutes a day and the rest is weights. I was so surprised at how many calories I burned lifting weights 🙂

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