Tranquility is Found in Purpose by TJ Hoban

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“Just as lack of direction stirs the soul, tranquility is found in purpose.”  TJ Hoban©

How many times have you been driving and got lost?  It’s a very uneasy feeling that begins to magnify and can turn into full fledged choking anxiety.  That is, until you find your way.   We’re all goal oriented creatures at our core, dawning back through evolution.  Without goals, without focus, we can get lost.  Life is driving.  But instead of a car, your driving you.   So if you ever feel lost, know that it is a temporary state of being.   Simply think about your future, your purpose, and decide where you’d like to be.  Map it out with goals, lock in and go.  Immediately you’ll find a renewed sense of self breeding confidence in your life;  Rolling top down, wind in your hair, with limitless possibilities on the horizon.  And if you ever fall off track, now you know the way back.  Live with purpose!


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