My Secret to Success by TJ Hoban

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Far too often people give up before they even get started.  The task may be too big, daunting, painful, or never been done before.  It’s easy to be dissuaded when you’re tired and staring at a mountain.  When it comes to weight loss or body transformations, it’s no different.  The mountain gets bigger and feeling gets worse the more weight you have to loose.  But remember, things only seem impossible until they are done.  The hardest part is always starting.  Most will put it off until after a holiday, a busy work week, or once they get caught up on sleep.  If you’re waiting for the perfect day, it’s never going to come.  Unfortunately, most won’t feel compelled until they’re diagnosed with type II diabetes, life threatening high cholesterol, or heart disease.  For those of you who simply do not care and will deal with changing only after the wheels fall off, I can not help you.  But if you’re tired of looking horrible, feeling worse, and are ready to change your body for life, I have a very simple advice that will help.  Call it my “Secret”.  It’s very simple, but requires 100% commitment.  But if you give it that, I guarantee you will succeed.

1.  Choose a target date.

2.  Envision how you want to look.

3.  Now use every decision to step closer.

4.  No excuses.  No distractions.  Only success.  GO!

5.  Repeat.

I’ve used this very method to literally transform my body at a young age and stay in peak shape my entire adult life.  Of course, looking good is great, but feeling good is even more powerful.  You can’t put a price on a heightened quality of life.  Adversity will happen.  The only constant is change.  But to have the ability to deal from an empowered optimists view is priceless.  That is what fitness gave me and I wish to share with you.

Eat, Train, Love.


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5 comments on “My Secret to Success by TJ Hoban

  1. Hey TJ, it’s easy to calculate the fat/weight you can lose based on your diet but what is the average lean mass someone can gain with weight training and a good diet? (no supplements like anabolics etc). Is it possible to gain 0,5 pound/year? 1 pound/year? I have never figured it out. Do you? Thanks

    • Assuming you’re male, there’s no reason you can’t put on a couple pounds of muscle a month with the right diet and weight training program. Proper nutritional supplementation is an important part of that as well. For example BCAA’s are the building blocks of hormones and muscles. Without proper levels, you’ll catabolize your muscles through heaving training making it impossible to grow. I’m coming out with an app the will personalize your whole training and nutrition experience. Sing up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when it releases. Best. TJ

  2. Great post TJ. I remember seeing you in a fitness magazine years ago and thinking that’s exactly how I want to look. Thanks for the inspiration. Years later I’m finally figuring out how important nutrition is. I’m curious. How many calories (fat/protein/carbs) do you usually consume on a daily basis and do you vary it from day to day? I’m 6′ 2″ and weigh 183 right now.


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